Started building in 2011 by the the present owner John Whittaker in Devoran, Cornwall. An I Jissel Model 21ft streched to 23ft, designed by Selway Fisher and constructed from cedar strip planks faired over computer shaped ply moulds giving a full bodied wine glass shape. Hull professionally built by Bernald Yule who is a boat builder from Devoran, Falmouth.

Fitted with large bilge keels to take out roll and keep stable at sea. Length 23 feet and beam 6ft 6 inches. Draft 2 feet and 4 inches when fully loaded.GRP sheathed both sides of the hull to preserve against the elements and with minimum maintenance. 




 A fire tube boiler fuelled by coal, pressure to

200 psi, built by Steamwell Boilers of Bristol.

Steel Barrel 209 by 0.75" diameter steel tubes. The design  has been passed by the SBA and will be supplied with a 2022 certificate (COVID permitting).

Welded Steel expanded tubes construction.

Condensing, engine driven pump, forced draft fan,

hand pump, windermere kettle, whistle, siren

and steam injector. Boiler is fitted with two pressure gadges and two gadge glasses in cockpit and bow. Moondance is fitted with 80 litres of make up tanks. Full working hotwell designed by Mannor Engineering with electric fill up pump plus hypo pump running of a crank shaft.




A large Taylor  single cylinder 4.2HP.

Side valve and Robert Steverson link reversing valve gear.

3 1/4  Bore by 4 1/2 stroke, with a full head of steam puts out 6.2 knots.

Newly fitted in 2014 all work carried out by professionals Mannor Enginering in Bristol, fitting  included all pipe work, steam injector, bed plate propellor etc.

Built by J.R.Rankin of Lancashire in 2004,

Modified by Clive Lee of Fowey in 2015.

Winner of the Alex Ritchie Trophy for engineering excellence. 




The rudder is a Schilling, fish shape design.

Carved out of Celtex with 10mm marine ply top and bottom for water guides,

finished in fibre glass. With a fully hydrolic helm with a back up  Stainless steel auxiliary rudder. 

To give extra turning and maneuverability in tight spots like marina's and narrow creeks.

The propellor is a bronze 3 bladed left hand screw

20" diameter by 30 pitch with a shaft of 1.25". Fitted with weed box to clear weed, rope etc from rudder and propeller including auxiliary 3.5 mercury out board which fits through weed box if needed. 



Constructed from Khaya which is a Wesr Africian mahogany.

The deck seats and locker are built from marine ply and veneered in Khaya.

Moondance is fitted with navigation lights, speed and depth guage, hot and cold waterr, kitchenette,

Jazz sound system and fully equipped bar.Moondance  has cabin and floor led mood lighting . Seats can easily be converted to berth if needed. 

Launched June 2014 at Restrow Creek, Cornwall.

Winners of Podges Cup Windermere.

Winners of Best steamboat in show, Dartmouth.

Moondance is complete with four wheel trailer with winch, Extension bar for launching / recovery, spare wheel. Moondance has electric charger, two electric bilge pumps and a traditional brass hand pump. Waterproof two piece boat cover made by ocean covers, Falmouth. 
Also comes with depth  finder, paddle, tool box, boat hooks, hot well filters, oils, boiler treatment and ropes.  Moondance has appeared several times on local and national TV due to its spectacular finish. 

Hand built by traditional methods with the benefit of modern materials.


Moondance is a single cylinder 4.5 H/P with a full head of steam puts out 6.2 knots.Fitted with coal fire boiler, navigation, lights, hot & cold water, jazz sound system & a fully equipped bar.

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